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AutoDock 4.2.6 installation on Windows

by Stefano Forli last modified 2014-07-24 20:25

From the release 4.2.5, AutoDock and AutoGrid run natively under Windows, hence there is no requirement for Cygwin anymore.

To install AutoDock, download the Windows installer (download page) and run it.

By default, the programs will be installed in the Program Files directory (i.e. C:\Program Files\The Scripps Research Institute\Autodock).
To test the installation, go to Start->Run... and type "cmd.exe". At the Windows prompt, type the command "C:\Program Files\The Scripps Research Institute\Autodock\autodock4.exe" and if installation succeeded the terminal should report the following lines:

C:\Users\mgl>"C:\Program Files\The Scripps Research Institute\Autodock"\autodock4.exe
usage: AutoDock         -p parameter_filename
                        -l log_filename
                        -k (Keep original residue numbers)
                        -i (Ignore header-checking)
                        -t (Parse the PDBQT file to check torsions, then stop.)
                        -d (Increment debug level)
                        -C (Print copyright notice)
                        --version (Print autodock version)
                        --help (Display this message)


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