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AccelrysWorld2005 by admin — last modified 2005-10-12 16:52
AccelrysWorld 2005, London, UK
FightAIDS@Home and World Community Grid by admin — last modified 2005-10-12 16:59
FightAIDS@Home and World Community Grid
AutoDock 4 Powers FightAIDS@Home by morris — last modified 2006-02-09 19:12
AutoDock 4 has now been used since November 2005 on the World Community Grid to perform quadrillions of energy evaluations in the search for novel HIV protease inhibitors.
AutoDock 4 Beta Release by gillet — last modified 2006-09-27 16:22
Release Note for AutoDock 4
AutoDock is the most cited docking software by morris — last modified 2007-05-04 10:44
A recent publication in Proteins compared the number of citations of 22 different docking programs using the ISI Web of Science; AutoDock was the most cited, and its share of the top 5 docking programs' citations has increased over the period from 2001 to 2005, from 36% to 48%.
Successfully Docking to Proteins with Metal Ions by morris — last modified 2007-05-04 10:45
Many enzyme targets have metal ions in their active sites that play key roles in substrate binding and catalysis. A recent paper in Proteins investigated how AutoDock performed in docking to a variety of adenylyl cyclase toxins, with Mg2+ and Zn2+ ions in their active sites. Getting the right protonation state on the ligands and the right charges on the metal are key to success.
AutoDock 4 will be distributed under the Gnu GPL by morris — last modified 2007-05-04 10:44
A message from Prof. Arthur J. Olson.
RELEASE of AutoDock 4 under GPL by gillet — last modified 2007-05-08 14:44
AutoDock 4 is NOW AVAILABLE under GPL
AutoDock's role in Developing the First Clinically-Approved HIV Integrase Inhibitor by morris — last modified 2007-12-17 18:18
Prof. J. Andrew McCammon and his colleagues used AutoDock and the Relaxed Complex Method to discover discover novel modes of inhibition of HIV integrase. Researchers at Merck Pharmaceutical Company have used McCammon's work to design new drugs that target integrase, which lead in October 2007 to the first clinically-approved HIV Integrase inhibitor: Isentress™ (raltegravir).
Run your AutoDock Research project on World Community Grid! by Sargis Dallakyan — last modified 2009-02-10 16:34
AutoDock Vina new beta release by Sargis Dallakyan — last modified 2009-02-19 14:38
AutoDock Vina 1.0 released! by Oleg Trott — last modified 2009-06-10 16:46
Print Your Favorite Molecule! by Sargis Dallakyan — last modified 2009-12-16 13:51
3D Molecular Model Printing Service from Our Lab
Tutorial section has been updated by Stefano Forli — last modified 2010-02-25 14:42
The tutorial section has been updated.
AutoDock Vina is now Open Source by Oleg Trott — last modified 2010-04-20 16:33
AutoDock Vina now has an FAQ by Oleg Trott — last modified 2011-02-18 15:09
AutoDock4.2.5.1 by Ruth Huey — last modified 2013-01-03 13:46
New AutoDock version fixes bug in version 4.2.5

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