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AutoDockZN forcefield | AutoDock

by Stefano Forli last modified 2014-12-08 12:38
This webpage provides code, documentation and examples  to perform docking simulations
with the AutoDock4Zn forcefield described in the paper:

AutoDock4Zn: An Improved AutoDock Force Field for Small-Molecule Docking to Zinc
Metalloproteins Santos-Martins, D., Forli, S., João Ramos, M., Olson, A., J. J.Chem.Info.Mod. 2014

For questions and help, please use the AutoDock mailing list or the AutoDock forum.


AutoDockZN tutorial  (83 kBytes) platform_all_platforms.gif

AutoDockZN files  (266 kBytes) platform_all_platforms.gif

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