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Primary references for AutoDock, and some published applications of AutoDock.

Primary References

AutoDock 4.2

Morris, G. M., Huey, R., Lindstrom, W., Sanner, M. F., Belew, R. K., Goodsell, D. S. and Olson, A. J. (2009) Autodock4 and AutoDockTools4: automated docking with selective receptor flexiblity. J. Computational Chemistry 2009, 16: 2785-91.

AutoDock 3 & 4

Morris, G. M., Goodsell, D. S., Halliday, R.S., Huey, R., Hart, W. E., Belew, R. K. and Olson, A. J. (1998), Automated Docking Using a Lamarckian Genetic Algorithm and and Empirical Binding Free Energy Function J. Computational Chemistry, 19: 1639-1662.

AutoDock 4 Scoring Function

Huey, R., Morris, G. M., Olson, A. J. and Goodsell, D. S. (2007), A Semiempirical Free Energy Force Field with Charge-Based Desolvation J. Computational Chemistry, 28: 1145-1152.

AutoDock 2.4

Morris, G. M., Goodsell, D. S., Huey, R. and Olson, A. J. (1996), Distributed automated docking of flexible ligands to proteins: Parallel applications of AutoDock 2.4 J. Computer-Aided Molecular Design, 10: 293-304.

AutoDock 1

Goodsell, D. S. and Olson, A. J. (1990), Automated Docking of Substrates to Proteins by Simulated Annealing Proteins:Structure, Function and Genetics., 8: 195-202.

Reviews of Applications

Goodsell, D. S., Morris, G. M. and Olson, A. J. (1996), Automated Docking of Flexible Ligands: Applications of AutoDock J. Mol. Recognition, 9: 1-5.

Selected Applications and Citations of AutoDock

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Web publications

Lunney, E. (1995) Network Science, 1: Structure-Based Design and Two Aspartic Proteases

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