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<h4>Blind Docking</h4>


<p>Hetenyi <em>et al.</em> had already showed that AutoDock can be used to perform docking of peptides to their targets, without <em>a priori</em> knowledge of the location of the binding site. Now, they have shown that !AutoDock can be used for drug-sized molecules (Hetenyi and van det Spoel (2006) "Blind docking of drug-sized compounds to proteins with up to a thousand residues" FEBS Letters <b>580</b>: 1447-1450). See also the FAQ, <a href="">Can !AutoDock be used for "Blind Docking"?</a> for more examples of blind docking in the literature.</p>


<a href="hetenyi2006b.pdf"><img src="hetenyi2006b_cover_febs.gif" alt="Cover of FEBS 2006"></a>

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