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Download Instructions

by gillet last modified 2011-10-04 14:24
Contributors: Sarigs Dallakyan, Michael E. Pique, Ruth Huey, Oleg Trott and Stefano Forli.

Instructions on how to download ADT & AutoDock.

ADT, AutoDock 4 and AutoDock Vina are distributed under different licenses, so for:

AutoDock 4.2

Please fill out this registration form or proceed to download page.

AutoDock Vina

Download here
(No registration required)


Please follow these instructions.



Virtual Screening software for Computer-Aided Drug Design.


Graphical interface for preparing AutoDock virtual screenings.

AutoDock 4.0

Please fill out this registration form.
AutoDock 3      

  • Don't forget to download the latest version of ADT (version 1.4.5 or higher is recommended for AutoDock 4). This graphical user interface will really help you set up and analyse your dockings.
  • Check out the Frequently Asked Questions, How-tos and Tutorials to help you get started.
  • If you find any bugs, please use our Bugzilla system to report them.


Happy Docking!

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